Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Ashes: Match Two

Australia cruised to another easy win in the second match of the Ashes competition taking place down under.  In Adelaide, Australia opened with 570 runs before declaring themselves to be out in the top of the first.  They then retired England after only 172 runs.  Leading 570-172, Australia tacked on 132 more runs before declaring themselves out again.  They then retired England after 312 runs in the second, and they had prevailed, 702-484.

So here are the scores so far:

Match 1:  Australia 696, England 315
Match 2:  Australia 702, England 484

So England has been blown out twice in a row.  Meanwhile, the British press is full of stories about how the English have been intimidated by Australia's Mitchell Johnson, a fast bowler who has been cruising through the English lineup.

Match 3 starts on December 13 in Perth, and another Australian victory will win them the series.

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