Saturday, December 28, 2013

AP NFL Poll: Week 17

With two weeks left in the NFL season, the Seahawks appeared to have a firm grip on the top spot in the AP's NFL poll.  But the Seahawks were stunned at home by the Cardinals, and now they are at some risk of losing the number-one spot to Denver.  (However, they're not at that much risk, as their last game is a home game against St. Louis.)

Here is where things stand with one game left:

1.  Seattle Seahawks:  12-3
2.  Denver Broncos:  12-3
3.  San Francisco 49ers:  11-4
4.  Carolina Panthers:  11-4
5.  New England Patriots:  11-4
6.  Cincinnati Bengals:  10-5
7.  Kansas City Chiefs:  11-4
8.  Indianapolis Colts:  10-5
9.  New Orleans Saints:  10-5
10.  Arizona Cardinals:  10-5

The Dolphins (8-7) are 15th; the Redskins (3-12) are 31st.

The best game of the week is Sunday afternoon, when the 49ers go to Phoenix to face the red-hot Cardinals.  In fact, that is the only game featuring top-10 teams on this week's schedule.

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