Thursday, December 5, 2013

(1) Michigan St. 65 - 79 N. Carolina

Same old, same old from Michigan State, who apparently have no clue about what the Tar Heels are up to.  I don't even know why the Spartans bothered to show up for this game.  Here is how Tom Izzo did in his other match-ups with Roy Williams:

12/01/10:  N. Carolina 89, Michigan St. 82 (UNC went to the NIT that season)
04/06/09:  N. Carolina 89, Michigan St. 72 (One of the worst national championship games ever)
12/03/08:  N. Carolina 98, Michigan St. 63 (MSU played for the national championship that season)
04/02/05:  N. Carolina 87, Michigan St. 71 (One of the worst Final Four games ever)

Note for Michigan State fans and coaching staff:  UNC has run the same system, and many of the same plays, since about 1963.  Try to pay attention next time.

Of course, I don't know why UK bothers to schedule games with Michigan St.  But that's a different set of complaints.

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