Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The State Semi-Finals

We don't often get three state semi-final games in the Purchase, but that's the plan for tomorrow as everyone goes East to West.  For all the fans driving to the Purchase from Frankfort and Louisville:  if it seems like a long trip to the Purchase, imagine what it's like for us whenever we have to go to state-wide functions in the Bluegrass.

Home teams listed first:

Class 1A:
Mayfield (12-1) v. Frankfort (11-2)
Williamsburg (10-2) v. Raceland (11-2)

You folks from Frankfort, who are all excited about your victory over Beechwood, are probably thinking to yourself:  How good can Mayfield really be?  After all, it's a really small town.  Well, my friends, wait until you get down there.

Class 2A:
Murray (9-4) v. Lou. DeSales (12-1)
Newport Cent. Catholic (9-4) v. Somerset (8-4)

I just can't see Murray pulling this one out -- but I couldn't see them beating Owensboro Catholic or Caldwell County either.

Class 3A:
Paducah Tilghman (8-5) v. Wayne Co. (13-0)
Bourbon Co. (13-0) v. Belfry (12-1)

Here's my advice to the folks from Monticello:  you may look down on Tilghman because of its record, and you may be proven right.  But Tilghman has been winning football games for a very, very long time, and they are tough to beat on their home ground.  They will expect to win tomorrow night.

Class 4A:
Owensboro (10-3) v. Shelbyville Collins (11-2)
Lex. Catholic (10-3) v. Ft. Thomas Highlands (12-1)

Highlands hasn't lost to any school from Kentucky since October 28, 2010.  The Bluebirds haven't lost a playoff game since November 11, 2006.

Class 5A:
Bowling Green (12-0) v. John Hardin (11-2)
Anderson Co. (11-2) v. Pulaski Co. (13-0)

On November 12, 2010, Bowling Green lost to Christian County 14-10.  Since then, the Purples have won 42 games in a row.  Isn't there any way to arrange for a game between Bowling Green and Highlands?  They're both going to be in Bowling Green next week anyway -- can't we just award them the 4A and 5A championships and then have them play each other?

Class 6A:
Meade Co. (11-2) v. Lou. Butler (11-2)
Lou. Male (12-1) v. Scott Co. (13-0)

The most exciting 6A tournament ever.  Male had to beat St. X and Trinity in back-to-back weeks, so I don't suppose they'll be too intimidated by Scott County.  The Cardinals spent most of their time playing Bluegrass schools this year; the only Louisville opponents they faced were Pleasure Ridge Park (4-6) and Seneca (2-8).  Male represents a different level of competition.

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