Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kentucky 105 - 76 Tex-Arlington (No. 2,114)

Two observations on a game I didn't actually get to watch.

First, Ken Pomeroy is already dialed in on this Kentucky team.  He predicted a 97-70 victory, which was remarkably close to the final margin and score.  He was just a few possessions short.  (For the record, he has the Cats going 25-6 overall and 14-4 in the SEC.)

Second, I love games where Kentucky scores over 100 points.  I wish they did it more often.


  1. I was available to watch this game and forgot about it. I've got to get more disciplined about checking the schedule. One of the things about the new era of UK basketball is that it's more of a head effort than the heart in the early going of seasons now. By January/February, I will have fallen in love with the individuals on this team, and that affection will almost subconsciously pull me through the schedule game to game. But, right now, it's (mostly) just a bunch of guys in UK uniforms, and it demands that I consciously invest myself in them. Back in 1980 or whatever, I felt compelled to watch every blue-white scrimmage and December game against Iona or whomever because Freddie Cowan (and the rest) and I had had a thing going for two or three years already.

  2. I think last year was just an extremely unpleasant experience for everyone, and so we're sort of starting all over again.