Saturday, November 23, 2013

HUGE Game in the UCFC Tonight

Baylor has held the Unofficial College Football Championship for over a year now.  Last November, when the Bears took the title from Kansas State, it seemed like the sort of upset you get from time to time in the UCFC.  But Baylor has now defended the title twelve times in a row, the longest string of defenses since Tim Tebow and Florida held the Big Gold Trophy.  As a result of this remarkable run, the Bears are 9-0 this season, are ranked number 3 in the country, and are closing in on a Big XII title.

But today, Baylor has to leave the friendly confines of Waco, Texas and travel up to a very cold Stillwater, Oklahoma to put its title on the line against Oklahoma State.  The Cowboys are having a great year themselves:  they are 9-1, ranked 11th in the country, and coming off a 38-13 obliteration of Texas.  The temperature will be 34 degrees and falling when the game kicks off at 7 P.M. Central, and I think the Cowboys will be very, very tough to beat on their home field.


  1. Oklahoma State crushes Baylor 49-17 to take the UCFC for the first time since 2008.

  2. Congratulations, Baylor, on a fine run. And I'm excited to jump over to TUCFC site to see the new color scheme.