Saturday, April 13, 2013

Masters -- Day 3 Wrap-Up

In the first place, I want to apologize to Eric for making him put up with an anti-media screed this afternoon.  To Eric's credit, he was quite patient about hearing me out, and I now feel much better.  Venting is often good for the soul.

In the second place, I want to give credit to Vandy alumnus Brandt Snedeker, who has played better than I expected, and who strikes me as the only American with a realistic chance of victory tomorrow.

They say that the Masters begins when the leaders get to the back nine on Sunday, but this Masters has already been chock-full of drama.  So I can only imagine what we will see tomorrow.

One final note:  Tiger should have had a birdie-4 at the fifteenth hole on Friday.  Instead, with the two-stroke penalty, he ended up with a triple-bogey 8.  Those four strokes are the difference between him and the leaders.

Here is the current leaderboard:

T1.  B. Snedeker:  -7 (70+70+69=209)
T1.  A. Cabrera (ARG):  -7 (71+69+69=209)

3.  A. Scott (AUS):  -6 (69+72+69=210)

T4.  M. Leishman (AUS):  -5 (66+73+72=211)
T4.  J. Day (AUS):  -5 (70+68+73=211)

6.  M. Kuchar:  -4 (68+75+69=212)

T7.  T. Clark (RSA):  -3 (70+76+67=213)
T7.  T. Woods:  -3 (70+73+70=213)

T9.  R. Fowler:  -2 (68+76+70=214)
T9.  S. Stricker:  -2 (73+70+71=214)
T9.  B. Langer (GER):  -2 (71+71+72=214)
T9.  L. Westwood (ENG): -2 (70+71+73=214)
T9.  J. Furyk:  -2 (69+71+74=214)

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  1. It was great. I love how your fairly targeted anti-golf-media screed ultimately tipped the Marion house into a sweeping, full-roil populist revival. "Those people in New York and Washington don't even know we exist out here in this part of the country." I think Adam Scott was on a green with that ridiculous putter when that declaration was made.