Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SEC Final Standings

The SEC Basketball Tournament starts today.  Here are the final standings (conference games only), with Ken Pomeroy's rankings next to each team:

1.  Florida:  14-4
36.  Kentucky:  12-6
45.  Mississippi:  12-6
69.  Alabama:  12-6
18.  Missouri:  11-7
63.  Tennessee:  11-7
74.  Arkansas:  10-8
93.  Georgia:  9-9
97.  Louisiana St:  9-9
92.  Vanderbilt:  8-10
101.  Texas A & M:  7-11
202.  S. Carolina:  4-14
261.  Mississippi St:  4-14
194.  Auburn:  3-15

In games between the top 7 teams in the SEC, there were only two victories by road teams:  Ole Miss won at Tennessee, and UK won at Ole Miss.  On the whole, home teams won 69.8 percent of all games in the SEC this year.  By contrast, home teams won only 60.7 percent of the time in the Big East.  After watching a lot of games in both leagues this year, I believe the officiating has a lot to do with that difference.  My guess is that on a neutral court, the quality of Florida and Missouri -- who really are the two best teams in the league -- will assert itself.

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