Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farewell to the Wildcats

The University of Kentucky will not be defending its title in this year's NCAA tournament.  The Wildcats were humiliated by Vanderbilt 64-48 in the quarter-finals of the SEC Tournament, and they were not invited to the NCAA Tournament.  The Wildcats finish with a record of 12-6 in the SEC, and 21-11 overall.  Given the circumstances, I'm pretty sure this is the worst game UK has ever played in the SEC Tournament.  This was the second straight year that the Wildcats have lost to Vandy in the SEC Tournament, and the third straight year that the Commodores have gotten at least one win over UK.  I'm sure Kevin Stallings is thrilled -- although even he probably isn't as happy as Jerry Tipton.

UK becomes the fourth of Kentucky's six Division-I teams to be eliminated from this year's championship race.  Western Kentucky and Louisville are the only teams left to represent the Commonwealth in the Big Dance.

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