Thursday, February 28, 2013

State Tournament Trivia!

Since I graduated from high school in 1984, only two of Kentucky's 120 counties have had at least three different schools (including private schools) win the Boys' Basketball State Championship.  One of those counties, of course, is Jefferson.  Since 1984, six different schools from Jefferson County have gone all the way:  Lou. Ballard (1988 and 1999), Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park (1989), Lou. Fairdale (1990, 1991, and 1994), Lou. Eastern (1997), Lou. Jeffersontown (2006), and Lou. Trinity (2012).  The other county, by the way, is not Fayette -- the only state champions from Fayette since 1984 were Lexington Lafayette (2001) and Lexington Catholic (2002).

So which county is it?


  1. Jason Frakes is tweeting a barn-burner in the 6th Region semi-finals, where Butler and Fairdale are tied at 50 with 4:42 left in the game.

  2. Thanks again to Jason Frakes of the C-J, who reports that Butler beat Fairdale 70-64 behind 32 points from Demetrius McReynolds.

    Butler advances to the 6th Region final, where they will face the winner of Bullitt East and PRP. Butler will be going for its first trip to the state tournament since 2002.

  3. Christian County, right? County, Hoptown and UH?

    1. For the record, only one school from McCracken County has ever won the boys' state basketball tournament.

    2. According to that same site, Heath last made the 1st Regional final in 1938. Heath beat Sedalia and Pilot Oak to reach the final, but then lost to Sharpe. Of course, the Sharpe Green Devils the won the 1938 State Championship.

      Thank you, Bob Mays!

  4. Neither Bardwell nor Hazel qualified for the 2013 Sweet Sixteen.