Thursday, February 14, 2013

Perhaps the Greatest Music Video of All Time

Back in the early 80's I was convinced that fairly quickly for every album produced there would be a video version of the album available as well. I figured that ABC's movie Mantrap for the album Lexicon of Love in 1982 was just the beginning. Of course this never came to be.

Videos did however develop into their own art form. That doesn't mean it developed into a good art form, just it's own weird art form. What has always disappointed me with music videos is when you have a song that would translate perfectly into a video that tells the story of the song or whatever, but then it's some weird abstract thing or just the artist performing the song. For the most part videos are very disappointing.

All that being said this post is about one video which I think stands out as a fantastic example of what music video can bring to a song, and it comes from someone who is not the most likely source.

I'm a big Kate Bush fan and she has been a very influential figure on a lot of modern day music, but her videos are quite often a bit strange. Her performances for that matter have the tendency to be a bit strange.

Her video for "Running Up That Hill" is a classic example of Kate Bush music videos.

Love the song, not so crazy about her odd interpretive dance video. She loves those though.

You get the point. Anyhow for whatever reason when she made the video for "This Woman's Work" she decided to go with a very straightforward video and did in fact produce what I think is one of the best music videos ever made, if not the best ever made.

It doesn't hurt that it is also one of her best songs, but this video in many ways represents what I think makes a great music video.

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  1. yeah, that's a beautiful song and a beautiful video.

    "running up that hill" totally takes me back to camelot music at the kentucky oaks mall in paducah.