Thursday, December 20, 2012

NFL Poll: Week 16

San Francisco messed up the poll by going to New England and beating the top-ranked Patriots 41-34.  But the AP voters were apparently more impressed by Denver's easy win over Baltimore, as the Peytons have taken over the top spot, just ahead of the Prospectors.  The Texans and Falcons bounced back with solid wins, and they have the best records in the NFL, but the pollsters are not giving them very much love.  And the Redskins crack the top 10 after their fifth consecutive win:

1.  Denver Broncos:  11-3
2.  San Francisco 49ers:  10-3-1
3.  New England Patriots:  10-4
4.  Atlanta Falcons:  12-2
5.  Houston Texans:  12-2
6.  Green Bay Packers:  10-4
7.  Seattle Seahawks:  9-5
8.  Washington Redskins:  8-6
T9.  New York Giants:  8-6
T9.  Baltimore Ravens:  9-5

The Dolphins went from 23d to 19th after an easy win over Jacksonville.

This week's biggest game is in Seattle, where the # 7 Seahawks will be hosting the # 2 Prospectors in a Sunday Night Showdown.  Also, the Ravens are hosting the Giants in order to break that ninth-place tie.  These are the only games between top-10 teams.

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