Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NFL Poll: Week 14

The old-school teams continue to close in at the top of the AP's NFL poll, but the Houston Texans are still number one:

1.  Houston Texans:  11-1
2.  New England Patriots:  9-3
3.  Atlanta Falcons:  11-1
4.  Denver Broncos:  9-3
5.  San Francisco 49ers:  8-3-1
6.  Baltimore Ravens:  9-3
7.  Green Bay Packers:  8-4
8.  New York Giants:  7-5
9.  Chicago Bears:  8-4
10.  Indianapolis Colts:  8-4

With their third consecutive win, the Redskins (6-6) move from 16th to 14th.  The Dolphins (5-7) drop from 19th to 20th.

This week, we have a rare match-up between the Number-1 and Number-2 teams, as Houston travels to New England for Monday Night Football.  That's the only game featuring top-10 teams, but it should be a doozy.

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