Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TUCFC: 2012 Week 13

Baylor managed to hold on to the TUCFC title this week with an exciting 52-45 win over Texas Tech in overtime. Baylor will close out their regular season next week against Oklahoma State.

The real story of the week was Notre Dame. If Notre Dame, Alabama, and Georgia all won, which they did, it would lock up the BCS finalists to Notre Dame and the winner of the SEC championship game between Alabama and Georgia. But critical here was Notre Dame, because if they lost it would have thrown the entire BCS picture into total chaos. As it is we will now get Notre Dame versus the SEC champ and that will make most everyone happy. Oregon didn't win the Pac 12 and Kansas State took a beating from a team that currently sits at 6-5 just barely bowl eligible. Stanford has two losses and Florida lost to Georgia. In the end it is all working out very neatly this year for the BCS.

This is the week for conference championship games and a few other stragglers. Personally I think these teams currently play too many regular season games, and if we are ever going to get to a 16 team playoff we'll need to get that worked out.

There is one question that needs to be thought about. If Ohio State were eligible would they be the school with first dibs to play Notre Dame in the BCS championship? I would have to say I believe they would be. The Big 10 was bad this year, but in the latest UCFC Power Ratings, Ohio State sits above Alabama and Georgia because they played a tougher schedule. Alabama has one impressive win over LSU, that's it. The only other top ten team they faced all year was Texas A&M and they lost that game at home. Just as the Big 10 was down so was the SEC. Arkansas, Auburn, and Tennessee all had very disappointing seasons, and one of the big improved teams Vanderbilt who went 5-3 in Conference lost to Northwestern of the Big 10.

Games to Watch

Northern Illinois (11-1) at Kent State (11-1)
     Just think if Kent State didn't have that one loss, against Kentucky, they may be in the conversation for a BCS bowl.  As it is they will be playing for the MAC crown.

Alabama (11-1) at Georgia (11-1)
     When Georgia took a beating from South Carolina who would have imagined they would have a chance to play for the a right to get into the BCS championship game.  Go DAWGS!!

TUCFC Power Ratings
I find it interesting how far Alabama has fallen back over these last few weeks, all due to the fact that they have played lousy teams.  I'm curious to see if the SEC champ can jump up to the number 2 spot, or if Stanford wins if they will take it. 

Rank Team Record WP WDiffP LP LDiffP Power
1 Notre Dame 12-0 1,454.188 1,087.100 0.000 0.000 2,541.288
2 Florida 11-1 1,292.625 1,044.638 5.500 35.000 2,296.763
3 Oregon 11-1 1,230.563 1,071.125 18.406 53.313 2,229.969
4 Stanford 10-2 1,479.875 1,027.250 92.219 251.250 2,163.656
5 Ohio State 12-0 1,059.688 798.163 0.000 0.000 1,857.850
6 Alabama 11-1 899.531 931.938 9.219 21.188 1,801.063
7 Louisiana State 10-2 948.250 788.450 10.750 32.500 1,693.450
8 Georgia 11-1 892.875 865.813 8.219 57.688 1,692.781
9 Kansas State 10-1 1,012.031 901.925 79.688 257.250 1,577.019
10 South Carolina 10-2 864.188 777.688 11.438 60.500 1,569.938


  1. Generally speaking the top 70 teams get invitations to bowls as there are 35 bowls. Of course to qualify you have to win at least 6 games and be bowl eligible. The TUCFC Power Ratings currently has Western at 76, but there are probably at least six teams ahead of them who don't qualify. This makes them a classic bubble team and so it probably depends on where the bowl is located and who the other options would be in terms of traveling fans. In the TUCFC Power Ratings top 100 here are the teams from 71 back with 6 or more wins.

    72. Texas San-Antonio (8-4)
    73. Minnesota (6-6)
    74. Nevada (7-4)
    76. Western Kentucky (7-5)
    77. NC State (7-5)
    80. Central Michigan (6-6)
    92. Air Force (6-6)
    95. SMU (6-6)
    100. Rice (6-6)

  2. COULD IT BE TRUE?!!?!!!? Come on, Independence Bowl! I've actually heard of this bowl; this would be great!