Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TUCFC: 2012 Week 11

Sure Kansas State defended the UCFC with a solid 23-10 win over Texas Christian, but this past weekend was all about the defeat of Alabama.

I sat down Saturday to watch Alabama for the first time this season. I was a bit surprised when Texas A&M marched right down the field for a score. I mean after all I had heard their defense was good enough to compete with pro teams. Once the score got to be 20-0 I began to wonder if Alabama was even going to make a showing. They did, but it was too little too late. A&M always had an answer and never let up.

I had assumed when the day started that my big write up would be about Syracuse knocking off Louisville, I was stunned that instead the big takeaway is that Alabama is no longer undefeated and as of right now the SEC will not have a shot at the national title.

This narrows down the BCS title game to just three teams: Notre Dame, Oregon, and Kansas State. Oregon has the biggest test this week hosting Stanford, so that will be the big game to watch.

Games to Watch This Week

Toledo (8-2) at Northern Illinois (9-1)
     This will likely determine the winner of the MAC West Division, and kicks off Wednesday night at 9:00PM ET.

Central Florida (8-2) at Tulsa (8-2)
     This will more than likely be a preview of the Conference USA championship game.

Kent State (9-1) at Bowling Green State (7-3)
     This will likely determine the winner of the MAC East Division.

USC (7-3) at UCLA (8-2)
     This will set the winner of the PAC 12 South Division.

Utah State (8-2) at Louisiana Tech (9-1)
     The winner of this game will likely be the last WAC champion.

Stanford (8-2) at Oregon (10-0)
     Stanford will try and slow this game down and keep the score low.  It will be a good test for Oregon's offense and will mean a lot to the computer models.

TUCFC Power Ratings
The big surprise here is Florida, but of course they beat Texas A&M.  Oddly the win over Alabama didn't do a whole lot for A&M.  Stanford replaces Clemson in the 10th spot.  The SEC teams are all playing lower division schools this week, so they should take a bit of fall in the computer rankings next week.

3Notre Dame10-0629.625595.8870.0000.0001,225.513
4Kansas State10-0523.500643.1000.0000.0001,166.600
6Ohio State10-0495.719491.8870.0000.000987.606
7Louisiana State8-2503.688512.76310.75032.500973.200
8Texas A&M8-2435.750556.20012.43833.500946.013