Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bad News for the Tops

OK, so Rutgers is going to the Big East and Louisville is going to the ACC.

This means that Tulane and East Carolina get to leave Conference USA and join the Big East.

And that leaves two slots in C-USA -- which are apparently going to two Sun Belt schools -- Middle Tennessee and Florida Atlantic.

What about Western Kentucky?  What about one of the best college basketball programs of all time, and a 7-5 football team that beat an SEC school this year?  And how can MTSU leave behind their ancient rival?

What a mess.


  1. It feels like all of us WKU people are trying to find a place that will accept our old ShowBiz Pizza video-game tokens.

    I really wish WKU and the OVC would work out some non-football arrangement ... where WKU plays hoops and non-rev sports in the OVC and gets to do football in some made-up conference that gets an automatic bid to some ESPN3 bowl.

  2. It definitely feels like college sports is heading to a place where football gets its own set of conferences and everything else is split differently. Maybe Idaho will be the trensetter in that regard as they have moved themselves back into their natural conference, the Big Sky, in all other sports and look for a football home.