Thursday, November 8, 2012

AP NFL Poll: Week 10

Pittsburgh's win over the Giants, and Chicago's awesome performance against Tennessee, shook up the top 10 somewhat this week.  New-school clubs Atlanta and Houston are on top, but the old-school powers are massing behind them:

1.  Atlanta Falcons:  8-0
2.  Houston Texans:  7-1
3.  Chicago Bears:  7-1
4.  San Francisco 49ers:  6-2
5.  Green Bay Packers:  6-3
T6.  New York Giants:  6-3
T6.  New England Patriots:  5-3
8.  Denver Broncos:  5-3
9.  Baltimore Ravens:  6-2
10.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  5-3

The Dolphins fell from 11th to 15th; the Redskins -- who were 13th just a few weeks ago -- tumbled from 18th to 23d.  (Even that may be too high; the Skins have losses to the Bengals (ranked 22d), the Panthers (ranked 25th), and the Rams (ranked 26th).

This week, the number 2 Texans go to Chicago to play the number 3 game in what should be the best game of the week.  That is the only game featuring two top-10 teams.

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