Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TUCFC: 2012 Week 7

West Virginia lost the Unofficial College Football Championship title this week getting clobbered by Texas Tech 49-14. Texas Tech will have their first defense on Saturday at Texas Christian. Texas Christian is one of the UCFC powerhouses ranked 11th all time with a 30-16-6 record in UCFC title matches.

When I was a kid I always thought that if you were undefeated, no matter who you played, you should be ranked ahead of any team with a loss. Nowadays I'm not such an absolutist, but I still believe that undefeated teams should be treated with a certain level of respect. We currently have quite a few undefeated teams and past the halfway mark one has to wonder if they can go all the way and even get into the BCS picture. Here are the current undefeated teams in Division I football and their current BCS rankings.

Alabama 6-0 (1)
     Right now Alabama is the team to beat in college football.  They will remain number one until another team can beat them.
Florida 6-0 (2)
     Florida surprised quite a few by being in this position when the BCS ranking first hit, but the computer models love Florida. 
Oregon 6-0 (3)
     Florida and Alabama will have to meet at some point.  If Oregon can stay undefeated they will be playing for the national championship.
Kansas State 6-0 (4)
     No one is taking Kansas State seriously in part because they are in the Big 12, but remember they beat Oklahoma early on and next week face West Virginia.  If they win that one as well people will start thinking of them as a legitimate number four.
Notre Dame (6-0) (5)
     Notre Dame has been down for so long it is hard to really think of them as a top ten team, but so far their defense seems to be as good as West Virginia's offense.  They still have a tough schedule ahead and I still think if they are undefeated at the end of the season they will have a very good shot at falling into the BCS title game.
Oregon State (5-0) (8)
     I'm so happy these guys keep winning and in fact they seem better every week.  Their schedule is such that they could very well be undefeated going into the Oregon game.
Mississippi State (6-0) (12)
     Mississippi State isn't getting a whole lotta love because of who they've beaten, but in two weeks head to Alabama and then we'll know just how good they are.
Rutgers (6-0) (15)
     Let's face it no one is paying any attention to the Big East so it's no surprise these guys aren't getting any love. 
Louisville (6-0) (16)
     What I just said about Rutgers. 
Cincinnati (5-0) (21)
     Another Big East team.  They play 6-1 Toledo this week so we'll see how that helps or hurts Cincinnati. 
Ohio State (7-0) (NA)
     Ohio State is ineligible for a Bowl so they can't make the BCS rankings.  Because of that and the Big 10 being so bad this year they aren't getting much attention, except to think how good they are going to be under Urban Meyer.
Ohio (7-0)  (NR)
     I think if you are 7-0 then you should at least be ranked in the BCS standings.  If the Big East teams can get in there then why not Ohio who beat a Penn State team that now doesn't look all that bad. 

Games I'll be watching this week.

Oregon (6-0) at Arizona State (5-1)
     It's a road game that trips up Oregon every year.  Could this be the game?

South Carolina (6-1) at Florida (6-0)
     At this point Florida just has to win out and then beat Alabama in the SEC championship game.

Texas Tech (5-1) at Texas Christian (5-1)
     This should be an exciting TUCFC game.

Louisiana-Monroe (4-2) at Western Kentucky (5-1)
     After ULM almost pulled off back to back upsets over SEC teams I figured they would plow through the Sun Belt, but Western has beaten an SEC team as well so this should be a real battle. 

Kansas State (6-0) at West Virginia (5-1)
     Their win over Oklahoma came too early in the season for anyone to notice.  They now have a chance to pick up a big win with a much more captive audience.

TUCFC Power Ratings
Alabama moves to the top spot and Notre Dame and Florida both move up.  Texas Tech and LSU both jump into the top ten after big wins last week. 

Rank Team Record WP WDiffP LP LDiffP Power
1 Alabama 6-0 86.125 294.775 0.000 0.000 380.900
2 Oregon 6-0 73.188 269.113 0.000 0.000 342.300
3 Notre Dame 6-0 113.844 223.875 0.000 0.000 337.719
4 Florida 6-0 110.969 220.575 0.000 0.000 331.544
5 South Carolina 6-1 80.563 250.088 2.000 6.000 322.650
6 Texas Tech 5-1 89.406 251.600 2.750 23.500 314.756
7 Kansas State 6-0 82.531 228.088 0.000 0.000 310.619
8 Louisiana State 6-1 78.844 215.025 1.000 8.000 284.869
9 Florida State 6-1 52.125 288.700 10.500 47.250 283.075
10 Ohio State 7-0 84.438 196.375 0.000 0.000 280.813


  1. The Twitter desk quit following @WVUfootball this morning.

  2. WKU, 14-0 over ULM early in the second quarter ...

    Current DriveDrive Summary: 13 plays, 99 yards
    1st-10 WEKY 1 K. Jones rushed up the middle for 2 yard gain
    2nd-8 WEKY 3 A. Andrews rushed up the middle for no gain
    3rd-8 WEKY 3 A. Andrews rushed up the middle for 8 yard gain
    1st-10 WEKY 11 A. Andrews rushed up the middle for 1 yard gain. LA Monroe committed 15 yard penalty
    1st-10 WEKY 27 West. Kentucky committed 10 yard penalty
    1st-20 WEKY 17 K. Jakes passed to W. McNeal to the right for 19 yard gain
    2nd-1 WEKY 36 L. Allen rushed up the middle for no gain
    3rd-1 WEKY 36 A. Andrews rushed up the middle for 3 yard gain
    1st-10 WEKY 39 A. Andrews rushed to the right for no gain
    2nd-10 WEKY 39 K. Jakes passed to R. Brown to the left for 7 yard gain
    3rd-3 WEKY 46 K. Jakes passed to W. McNeal to the left for 25 yard gain
    1st-10 ULM 29 A. Andrews rushed up the middle for 5 yard gain
    2nd-5 ULM 24 A. Andrews rushed up the middle for 12 yard gain
    1st-10 ULM 12 K. Jakes passed to J. Doyle down the middle for 12 yard touchdown. G. Schwettman made PAT

  3. WKU and ULM tied at 35 with 31 seconds remaining in regulation, and #TUCFC is also a pretty good game.



  6. Leo Peckinpaugh points out that WKU is 9-1 all time in overtime games.

  7. WKU taking timeout and, presumably, setting up a Hail Mary try from roughly midfield with just a few seconds to go in regulation ...

  8. The WKU-ULM series is amazing. Seriously.