Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TUCFC: 2012 Week 6

West Virginia defended their title at Texas in an exciting 48-45 victory. Next week they go to 4-1 Texas Tech.

Week 6 was a week of big games so let's get right to them.

As I said last week people were losing faith in LSU, mostly because of their offense, and their offense let them down against Florida in week 6 as they lost 14-6. This loss knocked LSU out of the unbeaten list, but it also opens the door for another SEC team to claim the top spot for a potential national championship. Sad for Florida that this win alone won't help their chances all that much.

If it ends up being Alabama versus another SEC team, that team may well be South Carolina after they embaressed Georgia 35-7. In their first five games no one had held Georgia to less than 40 points. South Carolina completely shut them down and established themselves as the number two SEC team behind Alabama.

The big upset of the week came from the ACC where Florida State fell to North Carolina State. All the talk of whether or not Florida State was back got answered and so they now fall out of the talk as a potential national champion. This opened a big door for Notre Dame who destroyed Miami of Florida 41-3. More wins like this will help Notre Dame out as other teams start to lose.

Of course first Notre Dame and South Carolina need Oregon to lose and that doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon. People were wondering if Washington's defense may give them some trouble but a 52-21 victory seemed to answer those questions.

Happily Oregon State won again and so they remain undefeated. I'm still keeping hope for the big Oregon, Oregon State game to decide the Pac 12. West Virginia and Kansas State are the last remaining teams in the Big 12 with a shot.

The Big 10 is now Ohio State's conference and they are not bowl eligible to the Big 10 is eliminated now from any national picture.

Here are the games I'll be most interest in this week.

Western Kentucky at Troy
     Eric I love you, but I root for Corey Robinson.  Robinson is struggling a bit this year.  Hopefully he'll get it together against Western.

Kansas State at Iowa State
     For the second week in a row Iowa State has a chance to knock off an undefeated Big 12 team.

Stanford at Notre Dame
     If Notre Dame can win this one convincingly, they'll cement a top four spot.

South Carolina at LSU
     It is hard to imagine LSU losing two games in a row, especially being at home this week.

TUCFC Power Ratings
Some big changes in this weeks rankings. Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida, and West Virginia are all new entries into the top 10. 

Rank Team Record WP WDiffP LP LDiffP Power
1 Oregon 6-0 63.781 265.163 0.000 0.000 328.944
2 South Carolina 6-0 67.969 240.013 0.000 0.000 307.981
3 Alabama 5-0 36.719 213.588 0.000 0.000 250.306
4 Ohio State 6-0 63.594 179.413 0.000 0.000 243.006
5 Florida State 5-1 40.531 237.575 6.875 40.250 230.981
6 Notre Dame 5-0 58.094 170.350 0.000 0.000 228.444
7 Florida 5-0 61.094 160.275 0.000 0.000 221.369
8 Kansas State 5-0 34.750 180.450 0.000 0.000 215.200
9 Georgia 5-1 41.906 183.000 1.000 28.000 195.906
10 West Virginia 5-0 50.281 140.800 0.000 0.000 191.081


  1. That South Carolina/LSU game is enormous -- I think it could literally be the most important game South Carolina has ever played. It's hard to see them beating LSU, but I was shocked by how easily they beat Georgia.

    When Spurrier took the SC job, I assumed that he was just playing out the string. But he has now won 15 of his last 20 SEC games, which is an incredible accomplishment at that school.