Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NFL Poll: Week 9

Here is the latest top 10 from the AP's NFL Poll.  The poll is now starting to become more stable; the top 7 teams are unchanged from last week:

1.  Atlanta Falcons:  7-0
2.  New York Giants:  6-2
3.  Houston Texans:  6-1
4.  San Francisco 49ers:  6-2
5.  Chicago Bears:  6-1
6.  Green Bay Packers:  5-3
7.  New England Patriots:  5-3
8.  Denver Broncos:  4-3
9.  Baltimore Ravens:  5-2
10.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  4-3

The Redskins (3-5) fall from 13 to 18, while the Dolphins (4-3) leap from 18 to 11.

This week, the number 2 Giants host the number 10 Steelers in the only game between top-10 teams.


  1. This weekend's Colts-Dolphins game is the most important game in my family in about 10 years. So many things have happened since the last one of anywhere near this magnitude that I don't know that any of us is quite ready to once again return to this place of love-hate intensity--not one word about this game has been exchanged across my family's Colts-Dolphins aisle.

  2. The Dolphins are up to number 11 -- they could crack the top 10 NEXT WEEK!

    UK basketball, Harper-mania, WKU football, A's in the playoffs, and now the Dolphins -- it's all coming up Eric.

    1. And Coach Haskins is coaching the Mustangs' football team next fall!