Monday, September 10, 2012

TUCFC: 2012 Week 2

Unlike week 1, week 2 in college football held a lot of exciting stuff.

Let's start with Arkansas. Maybe they were looking forward to next week when they will play Alabama, but they tripped up in a big way this week losing 34-31 to the University of Lousiana-Monroe in overtime. If Arkansas had visions of making the BCS title game that all came crashing down Saturday.

Sticking with the SEC let's take a look at the two newcombers Missouri and Texas A&M. Both were hosting their first SEC opponents as SEC teams and both were hyping up their chances of success. I actually thought that both teams had a shot at winning as Georgia tends to choke up at least one game a season and Florida doesn't seem that good, but Georgia stomped Missouri and Florida managed to get the win. This actually bolstered the SEC in many ways. If we take a look at the new Massey Comparison we'll see that the SEC and PAC 12 increased their control over the top of college football. 

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. USC
4. Oregon
5. South Carolina
6. Georgia
7. Oklahoma
8. Michigan St
9. Stanford
10. Kansas St

Why you might ask did the PAC 12 fair so well this week?  Well because Oregon State beat Wisconsin, Arizona beat Oklahoma St, UCLA beat Nebraska, and Arizona State beat Illinois.  These are not supposed to be the top teams in the PAC 12, but they all won over major conference opponents.  Three of those wins came over Big 10 teams and so we are left with the notion that the Big 10 is floundering.  We are also left with the idea that you shouldn't schedule a team like Savannah State for your season opener as Oklahoma State did.

West Virginia will be back defending The Unofficial College Football Championship next week against James Madison, but let's see what other games of interest I'll be keeping an eye on.

Alabama at Arkansas
     This is now Arkansas' season.  If they can beat Alabama it won't get them into the BCS, but it would bring down Alabama from the top and right now what else do the Razorbacks have.

Tennessee Tech at Oregon
     One word "Eaglebait."

Wake Forest at Florida State
     This will be Florida State's first test of the season and so it will be interesting to see how good they are.  Wake has played a spoiler in the ACC the last few seasons so you never really know how good or bad they will be on any given week.

Notre Dame at Michigan State
     Right now Michigan State is the top dog of the Big 10 and Notre Dame is trying to push themselves up into the top 10 realm.  This may well be the game of the week over Arkansas, Alabama.

USC at Stanford
     Another big game early in the season.  Everyone will be watching this one closely to see just how good USC is.

University of Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn
     With Auburn struggling can Louisiana-Monroe pull off two upsets over SEC teams in a row?

Western Kentucky at Kentucky
     According to the Massey Comparison WKU is ranked 74 and Kentucky 68.  This should be a good game, and if Kentucky loses will mark the end of their head coach.

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  1. Antonio Andrews of Fort Campbell High--123 yards rushing, three touchdowns, plus the game-winning, two-point-conversion pass back to quarterback Kawaun Jakes in overtime--was the star of WKU's awesome, 32-31, overtime win at UK. Hate this for UK and Joker Phillips of Franklin, but I couldn't help but to root madly for WKU's big win. The Tops host Southern Miss next Saturday.

    Tough loss for ULM, 31-28, in overtime at Auburn. Also in the Belt yesterday, FAU lost, 56-20, at Georgia; Troy lost, 30-24, at Mississippi State; MTSU rocked at Memphis, 48-30 (second straight Belt win over Memphis); North Texas lost, 35-21, at Kansas State; USA lost, 37-7, at North Carolina State; FIU lost, 33-20, at home against Central Florida; ASU lost, 42-13, at Nebraska, and ULL lost, 65-24, at Oklahoma State.

    So, that brings the Belt standings to ...

    MTSU 2-1 overall, 1-0 Belt
    ULL 2-1, 1-0
    WKU 2-1, 0-0
    ULM 1-1, 0-0
    ASU 1-2, 0-0
    FIU 1-2, 0-0
    North Texas 1-2, 0-0
    USA 1-2, 0-0
    FAU 1-2, 0-1
    Troy 1-2, 0-1