Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best NFL Uniforms?

Last month, Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch ranked all 32 uniforms in the National Football League.  Here are his rankings from worst to first, along with my comments:

32.  Cincinnati Bengals (should have stuck with their original Cleveland knock-offs)
31.  Minnesota Vikings (should be higher)
30.  Carolina Panthers (I thought these looked silly even in the 1990's)
29.  Arizona Cardinals (should be higher)
28.  Jacksonville Jaguars (I think they're the second-worst)
27.  Seattle Seahawks (these are now the worst)
26.  Detroit Lions (should be much higher, even with the weird numeral font)
25.  Atlanta Falcons (should go back to the Leeman Bennett look)
24.  Denver Broncos (I don't care if they did win two Super Bowls; they should go back to their old look)
23.  Baltimore Ravens
22.  New Orleans Saints (should be higher)
21.  St. Louis Rams (I think they looked best in blue-and-white)
20.  Houston Texans (should be lower)
19.  Tennessee Titans
18.  New York Giants (Lukas hates the red numerals on the road, and he couldn't be more wrong.  This is one of the five best uniforms in the NFL)
17.  Washington Redskins (should be higher because they are currently wearing their gold pants in almost every game)
16.  Cleveland Browns (should be much higher)
15.  New England Patriots (blah)
14.  Indianapolis Colts (Lukas is wrong again; this is the best uniform in the league)
13.  New York Jets
12.  San Diego Chargers (should be lower, unless they are wearing the retro white helmets)
11.  Kansas City Chiefs (should be higher)
10.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (should be much lower)
9.  Miami Dolphins (please don't ever change)
8.  San Francisco 49ers
7.  Buffalo Bills (a little too high)
6.  Dallas Cowboys (a little too low)
5.  Philadelphia Eagles (way too high; should go back to kelly green)
4.  Oakland Raiders (about right)
3.  Pittsburgh Steelers
2.  Green Bay Packers
1.  Chicago Bears

The top 3 are all solid choices, although I would move things around somewhat.  The top of my list would be:  Colts, Packers, Cowboys, Raiders, Giants, Steelers, Bears, Browns, 49ers, and Chiefs.


  1. I've never cared that much for the Giants uniforms. When the Seahawks first came into the NFL I really liked their uniforms. You're right though their new ones are awful.

    1. I agree with all of this.

      The current Patriots uniforms are horrible, and they are a bunch of cheaters.

  2. When we were kids, your mom could get you folders with actual NFL logos and stuff, or she could get you some sort of generic folders with pictures of football players in made-up uniform designs. The Baltimore Ravens have always looked like one of those teams on the generic folders.