Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Album Review: Coexist by The XX

I bet I've listened to this album about six times and every time I fall for it. I put it on and it sounds great. It's subtle, melodic, and moody and I'm immediately sucked into it and thinking wow this is good stuff. Then by song four I'm totally burned out on it. It's not that the first song is that much better, it's that all the songs feel so similar.

If I was making a mix tape from recent albums I could see grabbing a song off of here. As I said as a stand alone moment it can really grab you, but for an entire album it just drags itself down after a bit. Honestly you could grab any one song off of it for the mix tape as there isn't a bad song on here, but boy pile the songs one after another and it just wears you down.

These guys have the potential I think to do something special. Like Beach House who found their groove with their latest album I'm hopeful that these guys will find their groove soon.

Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 2 out of 5 stars for Not Bad.

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  1. I like this song.

    I also like "Step By Step" by Eddie Rabbit. WBIO 94.7 FM--"We Believe In Owensboro--every day links to what it calls a "'FORGOTTEN' COUNTRY CLASSIC." Today's was "Step By Step."