Friday, August 17, 2012

U.S. Amateur Quarter-Finals

Here are today's quarter-final match-ups at the U.S. Amateur golf championships, being played near Denver.

1. Justin Thomas of Goshen, Kentucky, who played for Louisville St. Xavier and now plays for the University of Alabama, will take on Oliver Goss of Australia, who will be a freshman at the University of Tennessee this fall.

2. Ricardo Gouveia of Portugal, who plays for Central Florida, will take on Michael Weaver of Fresno, Calif., who plays for the University of California.

3. Steven Fox of Henderson, Tenn., who plays for UT-Chattanooga, will take on Chris Williams of Moscow, Idaho, who plays for the University of Washington.

4. Cheng-Tsung Pan of Taiwan, who plays for the University of Washington, will take on Brandon Hagy of Westlake Village, Calif., who plays for the University of California.

Congratulations to the Cal Bears and Washington Huskies for their very strong performance in this event so far.


  1. Quarter-Final Results:

    1. Justin Thomas defeats Oliver Goss, 2 up
    2. Michael Weaver defeats Ricardo Gouveia, 4 & 3
    3. Steven Fox defeats Chris Williams, 4 & 2
    4. Brandon Hagy defeats Cheng-Tsung Pan, 4 & 3

  2. The semi-finals will be played tomorrow morning. Here are the matchups:

    1. Justin Thomas (U of Ala.) v. Michael Weaver (U of Calif.)

    2. Steven Fox (UT-Chatt.) v. Brandon Hagy (U of Calif.)

    What a great showing by the Cal Golden Bears!