Monday, August 13, 2012

NFL preview: Tennessee Titans

I think I'll work with a different NFL pencil each day now until the regular season starts. I'm not sure the number of pencils lines up with the number of days, but we'll figure that out downstream.

Anyway, today's pencil is the Tennessee Titans. And I'm way behind on work because of the Olympics, so the only thing I'm going to say for now about the Titans is that there is a woman in my church here in Madisonville who is just a huge Titans fan. Huge. I mean she knows all the players, and she frequently attends games, and she'll miss events if they conflict with Titans games. She's like one of the old-lady St. Louis Cardinals baseball fans of which there are legion across Paducah and much of western Kentucky, southeastern Missouri and southern Illinois. It just amazed me to find one of those for the Tennessee Titans when we moved back to Madisonville.

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