Sunday, August 5, 2012

HP SPECIAL REPORT: Kentuckian Claims Olympic Cycling Silver

This is a Heath Post special report! I already think team-pursuit cycling is a supercool-looking sport, and, man, now am I ever sorry that I missed Saturday's women's medal race in the event! It turns out that one of the silver-medal-winning U.S. women was Dotsie Bausch, a 39-year-old Lexington native and Louisville Ballard High grad! Hooray for Dotsie Bausch!

Three cheers for our Ballard High
Maroon and white our colors fly High
Send a victory cheer on High
Our spirit and pride will never Die!
Whether the odds be great or be small
Our Ballard High will win over all
As our mighty team goes marching
Onward to victory, VICTORY!

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