Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 14 Standings -- with OES

The United States and China both saw their Olympic Efficiency Scores ("OES") decline today, as the Americans picked up only four medals and China won only one. The United States now leads the total medal count (94-81) and the gold medal count (41-37). China's OES is down to 1.224, while the U.S. is at 0.447 -- which would still be our highest efficiency score since 1992.

One other point should be made about the U.S. performance. The all-time record for U.S. gold medals in an Olympics held outside the United States is 45 -- a mark that was reached in both 1924 and 1968. We are only four short of that mark right now.

Russia is supposedly furious about their performance -- this will be their first time before the old Soviet days that a Russian team will not be in the top three in gold medals -- but their total-medal OES is actually higher this time than it was in 2008.

1. United States: 94 total medals (41G/26S/27B) -- OES of 0.447
2. China: 81 (37/25/19) -- OES of 1.224
3. Russia: 63 (15/21/27) -- OES of 4.242
4. Great Britain: 57 (25/15/17) -- OES of 1.539
5. Germany: 42 (10/18/14) -- OES of 0.881
6. Japan: 35 (5/14/16) -- OES of 0.481
7. Australia: 31 (7/14/10) -- OES of 2.185
8. France: 30 (9/9/12) -- OES of 0.846
9. S. Korea: 27 (13/7/7) -- OES of 1.620
10. Italy: 21 (7/6/8) -- OES of 0.753


  1. The Russians were reportedly at the time hacked about their performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics, too.

  2. Hey, cool ... after that last comment, an ad for a tabletop-hockey game just appeared at the HP.

  3. Still at 41, but the women's basketball team is up 30 on France in the gold-medal game near the end of the third quarter. So, at the risk of a big jinx, that's 42.

    We need the men's basketball team tomorrow.

    We need a track-and-field surprise tonight.

    And we need a hero or two tomorrow: maybe Todd Wells of Kingston, N.Y., or Sam Schultz of Missoula, Mont., or Margaux Isaksen of Fayetteville, Ark., or Ryan Hall of Big Bear Lake, Calif., or Jake Varner of Bakersville, Calif., or Jared Frayer of Clearwater, Fla.