Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best MLB Uniforms?

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch recently ranked every uniform in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Here are his rankings (worst to first) for Major League Baseball, along with my thoughts:

30. San Diego Padres (Not as bad as the D-backs)
29. Cleveland Indians (He's being politically correct here.)
28. Arizona Diamondbacks
27. Colorado Rockies
26. Washington Nationals (Way too low -- the new Nats unis are great)
25. Milwaukee Brewers
24. Miami Marlins (Second-worst behind the D-backs)
23. Minnesota Twins
22. Cincinnati Reds (Way too low)
21. Tampa Bay Rays (Not as good as the Reds)
20. Texas Rangers
19. Houston Astros (Third-worst behind the Marlins and D-backs)
18. Seattle Mariners (Really bland)
17. San Francisco Giants (Way too low)
16. Boston Red Sox (Way too low)
15. Chicago White Sox (Too low)
14. Atlanta Braves (Too high)
13. Los Angeles Angels (Very good uniform)
12. Pittsburgh Pirates
11. Baltimore Orioles (A good uniform, but too high on this list)
10. Kansas City Royals (A good uniform, but basically a Dodger knock-off)
9. Detroit Tigers (Should be number 5)
8. Toronto Blue Jays (Way too high)
7. New York Mets (Probably ranked about right)
6. Los Angeles Dodgers (Best uniform in professional sports; should be number 1)
5. Philadelphia Phillies (Too high)
4. New York Yankees (Should be number 3)
3. Oakland Athletics (Should be top-10, but not this high)
2. Chicago Cubs (Should be number 4)
1. St. Louis Cardinals (I'm glad they got some props here, but should be number 2 behind the Dodgers)

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