Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh, Kentucky

"He can do it all, and, if you don't believe that, just check around his hometown of Lynn, Ky. ... A start football halfback at McKell High School, a better-than-average guard for the basketball team and some pitcher, too. ..." Hmmm ... who was ... hmmm ...?

I'll have to check and see if this Eddyville bulletin has any bearing on fan-bus routes in the early weeks of the KHSAA football season.

Coach Jack Haskins, incidentally, sometimes served his Heath football Pirates pancakes for pre-game meals on long road trips in the 1980s, so this Cadiz bulletin might well have bearing on Lone Oak Purple Flash dinner plans in the early weeks of this KHSAA football season.

Ah, yeah!

The first KHSAA hoops hall class: Ralph Beard and Darrell Griffith of Louisville Male, Coach Roy Bowling of Laurel County, Coach Ralph Carlisle of Lexington Lafayette, Rex Chapman of Owensboro Apollo, “King” Kelly Coleman of Wayland, Richie Farmer and Coach Bobby Keith of Clay County, Geri Grigsby of McDowell, Cliff Hagan of Owensboro, Clem Haskins of Taylor County, Clemette Haskins of Bowling Green Warren Central, Wallace “Wah Wah” Jones of Harlan, Jim McDaniels of Allen County, Coach S.T. Roach of Lexington Dunbar and Wes Unseld of Louisville Seneca.

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