Thursday, July 12, 2012

Congratulations to the Hoosiers

Indiana's Christian Watford won the ESPY "Play of the Year" award for his buzzer-beating shot against UK last December. The Hoosiers are celebrating.

While I'm happy for the Hoosiers, I thought this play was somewhat more impressive.

Actually, the Hoosiers might want to watch this clip. I thought that was IU's best performance of the year.


  1. Honestly I think that play would have been my number 2 of the year. It was a big play, got UI back in the national spotlight and was talked about all year. But there was another play that I thought was even bigger and it also involved UK, that would be Anthony Davis's blocked shot at the end of the UNC game. That propelled Davis into the spotlight and led to him being the number 1 NBA pick. I don't think there was a bigger play than that all season.

    Check it out

  2. I agree with all of these points. I was sitting in my basement, waiting for UNC to make that shot and win the game -- and then all of a sudden we had won. That was when I realized we could really win the national title.