Monday, November 21, 2011

HP SPECIAL REPORT: Jackie DeShannon is from Hazel!

This is a Heath Post special report ... It turns out that Jackie DeShannon--the raspy-voiced siren who fuels "When You Walk in the Room," the 2011 breakout hit that quite possibly inspired Trigg County High School's football team to a season-opening crush of cross-U.S. 68/Ky. 80 rival Russellville--hails from Hazel! That's a tiny place in Calloway County, south of Murray and on the Tennessee line. I bought an electric-football game at an antique store there about 15 years ago, and, just within the last year or so, my wife, daughter and I ate Mexican food in Hazel. Hooray for Hazel, and hooray for Jackie DeShannon!

Stick with The Heath Post around the clock for additional developments, as they happen.


  1. OH, YEAH! Thank you, Mystery Video Implanter, whoever you are!

  2. I knew she wrote this classic pop hit, but I had no idea she was from Hazel. Learn something new every day
    The first time I heard this song, it was the Paul Carrack version. It's the kind of song that you hope upon hope, someone will think of you in that way, you know?
    Hooray for the romantics from the Jackson Purchase!

    1. Yes, indeed, "HOORAY FOR THE ROMANTICS FROM THE JACKSON PURCHASE!" Well-put, Route2. How did I miss this crucial and beautiful comment when it first appeared in 2011?