Thursday, June 2, 2011

NCAA Baseball Tournament: The Format and Recent Champions

OK, so here is how the NCAA Baseball Tournament works. Sixty-four teams are invited. These teams are divided into 16 regions, with four teams in each region. Starting tomorrow, the 16 regions will play double-elimination tournaments. The sixteen winners advance to the Super-Regionals, which are best 2 of 3 playoffs between two Regional champions. The eight Super-Regional winners go to the College World Series. Those eight teams are divided into two groups of four, each of which plays a double-elimination tournament. The two winners of those tournaments then play best 2 of 3 for the title.

Here are the winners since the NCAA went to a best two out of three final back in 2003:

2003: Rice beat Stanford 2 games to 1
2004: Cal State Fullerton beat Texas 2 games to 0
2005: Texas beat Florida 2 games to 0
2006: Oregon St. beat N. Carolina 2 games to 1
2007: Oregon St. beat N. Carolina 2 games to 0
2008: Fresno St. beat Georgia 2 games to 1
2009: LSU beat Texas 2 games to 1
2010: S. Carolina beat UCLA 2 games to 0

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