Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NCAA Baseball: Day 5 of Regionals

Texas A & M beat Arizona 3-0 to win the College Station Region and complete the 16-team field for the Super Regionals.

Of the 16 Regions, 10 were won by the host (which was also the number one seed).

Seven of the top eight overall seeds won their regions and will now host a Super Regional.

The eighth Super Regional, featuring California and Dallas Baptist, will be played at the University of Santa Clara, because Cal's baseball stadium does not have lights.

Here are the Super-Regional matchups, which will start on Friday. Each match-up will be played at a single location, and decided in a best two out of three format. SEC teams in italics. Numbers in parenthesis relate to overall seeds:

Charlottesville, Va.
Virginia (1) v. UC-Irvine

Santa Clara, Cal.
California v. Dallas Baptist

Tallahassee, Fla.
Florida St. (5) v. Texas A & M

Columbia, S.C.
S. Carolina (4) v. Connecticut

Gainesville, Fla.
Florida (2) v. Mississippi St.

Austin, Tex.
Texas (7) v. Arizona St.

Nashville, Tenn.
Vanderbilt (6) v. Oregon St.

Chapel Hill, N.C.
N. Carolina (3) v. Stanford

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