Wednesday, June 1, 2011

College Baseball Top 20

UVA won the ACC tournament, beating Florida State 7-2 in the final. Florida beat Vandy 5-0 to win the SEC tournament. Western beat Florida Atlantic 11-10, lost to Arkansas-Little Rock 9-5, and lost to Troy 4-2 to finish 1-2 at the Sun Belt Tournament. That tournament was won by Arkansas-Little Rock, which beat Florida International 7-6 in the final. At the OVC Tournament, Eastern lost its first two games to Tennessee Tech and UT-Martin and was eliminated. That tournament was won by Austin Peay, which beat Jacksonville State 7-3 in the final.

After considering these and other games, Baseball America announced its final top 20 before the NCAA Tournament:

1. Florida: 45-16
2. Virginia: 49-9
3. Vanderbilt: 47-10
4. S. Carolina: 45-14
5. Texas: 43-15
6. Florida St: 42-17
7. Texas A&M: 42-18
8. Cal State-Fullerton: 40-15
9. Rice: 41-19
10. Arizona St: 39-16
11. TCU: 42-17
12. Georgia Tech: 40-17
13. N. Carolina: 45-14
14. Clemson: 41-18
15. Oregon St: 38-17
16. Miami (Fla.): 36-21
17. UCLA: 33-22
18. Connecticut: 41-17
19. Arkansas: 38-20
20. Fla. International: 40-18

But the NCAA has a much higher opinion of the ACC -- and particularly our friends in Chapel Hill -- than does Baseball America. The top eight seeds for the NCAA tournament are as follows:

1. Virginia
2. Florida
3. N. Carolina
4. S. Carolina
5. Florida St
6. Vanderbilt
7. Texas
8. Rice

We'll have more about the upcoming tournament later in the week. But it's nice to know that the Tar Heels get the same breaks when it comes to seeding in the baseball tournament that they enjoy in the basketball tournament. If only Duke had a good team, too.

By the way, Virginia won the NCAA Men's Lacrosse tournament over the weekend. Now, having beaten all the suburban white kids from DC up to Boston in lacrosse, the Cavaliers are trying to beat all the suburban white kids from Richmond to San Francisco in baseball. Pulling off the suburban white kids double by capturing the lacrosse and baseball championships in the same year would be remarkably impressive.

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