Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh, Kentucky

It's not Popeye.

McCracken County's Hawai'ian population has plunged.

So has the number of Kentucky juveniles going to jail.

Endangered Kentucky.

Good jobs news from Somerset. Bad from Radcliff.

I didn't know that Cafe Press is half-headquarterd in Louisville.

Etown's Nate Adcock (1-0) and his 1.66 earned-run average are scheduled to head back to the Royals' hill on Friday.

Meanwhile, Paducah's Russ Cochran tees it up Thursday for the Senior PGA Championship.

Hodgenville's Boy Abe heads home to California for a makeover.


  1. Since I have absolutely no idea who Steve Prohm is I found that story to be very poorly written.

  2. That was just one of the stories that WPSD did on the hiring yesterday, so it's my fault for not giving you more a Steve Prohm primer. The Heath Post's strong contingent of Bullets-country readers might be interested to learn that Murray State's new coach is a Vienna, Va., native. (ANITA'S, REPRESENT!)