Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh, Kentucky

They'll be grilling rib-eyes in Nicholasville this weekend for flood victims in Paducah.

Amber Coulter notes in The News-Enterprise that, "Total employee compensation in Hardin County increased from about $2.4 billion in 2005 to nearly $3 billion in 2009." 2005 was the year that Elizabethtown was released.

Ag Studies 1, Spanish 3?

The Kentucky State Parks Race Series moves on to Barren River Lake State Park this weekend. This park's Louie B. Nunn Lodge was where my wife and I stayed the second night of our honeymoon.

Hoptown mulls a downtown shuffle.

The state's top line, at least, continues to improve.

Good jobs news from Madisonville.

Primaries are a week from today.


  1. That Republican GOP primary sounds almost as compelling as the GOP presidential race.

    I think one of the lessons that the GOP establishment learned from the last cycle is that it wants to keep turnout in GOP primaries as low as possible.

  2. In fact, I think the Kentucky governor's race is playing out a lot like the 2012 presidential race. In order to defeat Beshear -- or Obama -- the GOP would have to get folks really whipped up and excited about what's at stake. But as we saw in 2010, once folks get whipped up, they don't always do what people like Mitch McConnell want them to do. So I get the sense that in both of these elections, the GOP establishment is willing to take a dive by putting up the blandest possible candidate. The Democrats will keep the Governor's Mansion -- and the White House -- but I think a lot of Republicans have decided that keeping out the Tea Partiers is a lot more important.

  3. It also helps that, at this point, neither Beshear nor Obama are promoting policies that really scare the GOP establishment.