Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh, Kentucky

Some followsup on stories of late: The bees have moved from Leitchfield to Lexington. ... Now people are jogging across the Brookport Bridge. ... The Carsons have now traversed on to Edmonton, to Russell Springs, to Nancy and at least as far as Manchester.

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A landmark of Wheelright's "heyday" is gone.

The next Herald-Leader publisher and president is a former North Carolina State tight end. Probably a big Timothy Rodriguez and Gastonia Pirates fan.

Three weeks left in the Ultimate Indoor Football League season, and the Eastern Kentucky Drillers (of Pikeville) are closing in on joining the Northern Kentucky River Monsters (of Highland Heights) in the four-team playoffs.

Fantastic from fantastic "A Brief History of Early Cinema in Columbia, Ky., c. 1903 to late 1922."

Good jobs news for 25 years from Georgetown.

Hooray for historiKal markers!

Twitter overnights: Deandre Liggins and Newt Gingrich scoop their own press conferences to announce they are staying in the draft.


  1. I'm surprised we haven't gotten more Ultimate Indoor Football League coverage.

  2. Surprises me, too. But, frankly, the Bowling Green music scene has been so hot that the Kentucky desk's sports coverage has had to give way.

  3. I was thinking about this over the weekend and I fully understand why Liggins would chose to stay in. With so few top recruits coming out for the draft, this may be the only chance Liggins has to actually get picked up by a team. He's probably smart enough to understand that in a normal year he wouldn't even get a look.