Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Number3Son's Top 10 Villains: Part II

(Number3Son, my eight-year-old, continues his list of villains.)

Hello, folks, I'm back. Sorry the list isn't done, but it's about to continue.

Enjoy. And with that said, let's continue.

7. Flusifer
The villain of Rocket Slime, this villain is trying to destroy Boingburg, the capital of Slimeia. He has been trying to eliminate a heroic slime as he proportions attacks and not only a group of monsters called the Plob is attacking Boingburg. But he {Flusifer} doesn't die.

6. Jafar and Iago
Jafar is Agrabah's true friend. Since he doesn't die in the first Aladdin, he does in the second. He clutches two scarab beetle parts, which causes the magical Cave of Wonders to rise, and one of Jafar's servants goes in. But the cave says only a "diamond in the rough" can enter. (Aladdin is my brother Number1Son's favorite Disney hero. He also likes "Beauty and the Beast," but enough with Number1Son.) It's time to talk about Jafar. If you want to learn about him, WATCH THE ALADDIN MOVIES!

5. Gaston
Gaston is the villain of "Beauty and the Beast." The dream of his life is that he marries Belle, but it will never come true. Later in the movie, this proves he's evil: he decides to kill the Beast! Number1 and 2 sons think he's a jerk, but he is not! He uses a tree to break down the castle gates and succeeds, but after that, few of his Frenchmen survive! In the door, he waits to fire. What I like is the real fight because it takes place in the rain. He dies.

4. Green Goblin
One of Spider-Man's villains, the Green Goblin is a good villain. He's probably better in the books than the movies because in the movies he's just Willem Defoe in a mecha-goblin suit (though Number1 son thinks he's beter in the movies!) He also has such a thing as stun-bombs, but what can stop ol' Spidey twice? Nothing! However, he uses other deadly tricks, even his flying broomstick! But, he is not one of the Sinister Six who appear in a Spider-Man comic book I read, needless to say.

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