Sunday, May 22, 2011

Number3Son's Top 10 Villains: Part I

Number3Son responds to Matthew's request for a list of top villains (again, I'm just the typist -- although I have added some information in brackets). This entry covers numbers 10-8 on his list:

Hello, folks, this is Number3Son. Because my uncle wants me to do this, I will make a list of the top ten best villains. Hope you enjoy it, I'll just tell 3 rules:

1. It can be from anything, but, from Lord of the Rings, the Witch-King of Angmar does not count.
2. They have to be smart, so the Germans from The 39 Steps do not count.
3. They have to look serious, but even if he does, Clayface doesn't count either.

So, with that said, let's start the list.

10. Mr. Freeze
With his freeze ray, this scientist is deadly. He, of course, hates Batman and always tries but fails to kill him. Mr. Freeze is always working for one of the best of Batman's villains, the Riddler. Unfortunately, the Goofy Batman Movie lacks him, but that movie will make you laugh out loud!

9. Voldemort
This was one of SmartGirl's ideas. This is the most powerful of Harry Potter's villains. His name is Voldemort and although he is a powerhouse, Harry has learned a bunch of spells. No one alive can defeat the Evil Lord of Magic, like I think, but Harry is really powerful and he ends Voldemort's existence.

8. Krios
Villain in the Campaign of Age of Mythology: the Titans, Krios is one of the best villains, so you should be surprised to see him this high. He is Kronos's servant and most of his plans involve proving that he hates Kastor, Arkantos's son.

At the beginning, Kronos has a look at the Earth even from his prison of Tartarus. After Kastor proves that a mortal stands upon the peak of what the Greeks thought was the Home of the Gods, Krios says that Zeus's power was the only thing keeping the Titans in tartarus, but Kastor was told this: he {Krios} went around destroying Greece's temples and killing its people. After Kastor says, "Why would you do this," Krios reveals his true form: a Demonic Winged Fiend!

Krios says that Kastor did it {destroyed Greece's temples and killed its people} and flies off. When an Egyptian queen named Amanra says that most people in Egypt have joined Krios, a lesser Titan calls down a meteor storm and destroys the Osiris pyramid!

After both lesser Titans are dead, the Heroes return to Greece to heal it {Greece} and kill Prometheus (the Titan half). When Prometheus the Titan is dead, automatons attack Atlantis. But, of course, they are stopped. Then, the Atlanteans must destroy the Evil they have unleashed, so they go to Old Atlantis, which is now under the ocean.

When Krios says Kronos is the conqueror before all lesser Gods, Kronos busts open the doors, but Gaia was there. She busted out of her boulder prison and destroys the gates and comes in Kronos's stronghold for an epic showdown with her son {Kronos}. She knocks him back into Tartarus. Krios tries to escape during the epic music, but Kastor finally ends Krios's existence.

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  1. I'm glad to see someone mention Mr. Freeze. He's one of those bad guys who is really a good guy, but who has gone completely insane over something he himself did. Complex bad guys like this are always interesting and unpredictable.