Monday, May 9, 2011

NBA Update

Well, this has been quite a season so far. The Spurs and the Lakers -- the top two seeds in the West -- have already been eliminated. To put that fact in perspective, consider this list of Western Conference champions since 1999 (NBA Champions in bold):

1999: Spurs
2000: Lakers
2001: Lakers
2002: Lakers
2003: Spurs
2004: Lakers
2005: Spurs
2006: Mavericks
2007: Spurs
2008: Lakers
2009: Lakers
2010: Lakers

So far, we have seen both the Spurs and the Lakers fight losing battles to stay alive. Now it's worth checking in on two other series. The Celtics have a must-win game 4 at home tonight against the Heat, while the Thunder (led by potential next Best Basketball Player in the World Kevin Durant) need to win at Memphis to avoid going down 3-1. Both of these games will be worth watching. If you have to miss one of them, miss the OKC game -- but recognize that this game is an important test of Durant's ability to lead his team to a title.

Here is where we stand. (Since I obviously do not know what will happen, I have stopped putting potential champions in bold. From now on, bold is for series winners.):

Bulls 2 - 2 Hawks
Heat 2 - 1 Celtics

Thunder 1 - 2 Grizzlies
Lakers 0 - 4 Mavericks


  1. In some ways the most interesting story to me is that of Westbrook on OKC who thinks he's the star of the team. If they lose it may not be as much on Durant as it will be the coach and his inability to get Westbrook to stop taking 30 shots a game.

  2. You two are a regular Mr. and Mrs. NBA.

    The Celtics and Heat are in overtime. This is the first 2:46 of the NBA season that I've watched. Dwayne Wade appears to be the best player in the league.

  3. Also, apparently, two teams have joined the NBA with the names "Oklahoma City Thunder" and "Memphis Grizzlies." Did the NBA merge with that league that the cartoon Harlem Globetrotters played in?

  4. OK, the Heat won, and now TNT switched to the Thunder-Grizzlies game. This guy Westbrook just missed a three-pointer.

  5. I love seeing Eric weigh in on the NBA.

  6. Thanks. I have a 13-year-old nephew-in-law who lives in Dallas and is a pretty big Mavs fan. I'm going to ask him to weigh in with comments over the next few Dallas games. This kid's dad works for Frito-Lay, and it's so funny when you open their pantry because all of the snacks are Frito-Lay brand.