Friday, May 13, 2011

Cycling Update: Life Moves Forward

After the tragedy of stage 3 at the Giro d' Italia you wonder if racing will ever be the same.  Stage 4 was neutralized and the riders organized it to be a tribute to Wouter Weylandt each team taking a turn at the front to set a steady pace until the end when Weylandt's team came forward to ride across the line arms linked.  The race organizers, the teams, and the riders have handled this situation about as well as can be expected. 

Today was back to racing and with all the thought of rider safety at the fore it was interesting to have a stage in which the riders were being asked to ride quite a bit near the end of the day on dirt roads.  Part of the appeal of cycling is the imagery and the danger, that's just part of the sport.

Jonathan Vaughters wrote a very good piece for Cyclingnews that was published today about the sport and the risks and what it's like to be the manager when something happens to one of your riders. 


  1. Man, that Jonathan Vaughters piece is gripping ... especially the call to the guy's mom.

  2. Yeah if Vaughters ever writes a book about his life in cycling I'll buy it. He's had an interesting career and may end up being the most important American cyclist.

  3. By the way Craig Lewis is still riding and in fact is in the Giro this year.

    52 Craig Lewis (USA) HTC-Highroad 0:03:03