Monday, February 14, 2011

UK Stats of the Day

In UK's five conference losses, the other teams have shot a combined 35 for 79 from three-point range, for a total of 44.3 percent. To put that figure in perspective, Brandon Knight has made 41.8 percent of his three-point shots. In other words, in our five losses, the other team has been effectively fielding a whole squad that shoots threes at a higher percentage than Brandon Knight. That is uncanny.

And it's been getting worse. In UK's two games last week, Tennessee and Vandy went a combined 20 of 36 from three-point range -- an average of 55.6 percent. That is just unreal. It's amazing that UK managed to win either of those games.

One more point: in UK's five conference losses, the other teams have shot 88-107 from the line -- a total of 82.2 percent. To put that figure in perspective, Knight shoots 78.3 percent fromt he line. So in these five games -- all of which were very close -- the other team as a whole shot free throws better than Brandon Knight.

There is a reason that we rank 328th on Ken Pomeroy's "luck" statistic.


  1. By the way, they should have thrown Cousins the ball on the last shot.

    I would love, love, love it if the Kings would trade Cousins to the Wizards. If I were the Wizards, I would offer the Kings everything I have (except Wall and this year's draft pick) for Cousins.

  2. There have discipline issues with Cousins off and on all season.

  3. Jodie Meeks is now one of the 76ers' starting guards, and Eric Bledsoe is playing pretty well with the Clippers.