Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh, Kentucky


Luke Short reports at that it was a March 1901 fire that destroyed 17 buildings that spurred support around Madisonville to finally launch a fire department.

Pretty interesting thing from a state legislator, Rep. David Floyd (R-Bardstown), about how he might vote on issues in relation to how he personally feels on them.

Bardstown, by the way, is "not a bland hodgepodge of small-town stereotypes or merely a strip of developed highway, but a unique and firmly rooted place that is, quite simply, unlike any other place I’ve known, no matter the size," writes a Kentucky Standard reporter bolting for St. Louis.

Louisville's new mayor is pushing the local-food economy.

Good jobs news from Hopkinsville: "DENSO Air Systems, a global automotive parts manufacturer, ... will locate a new manufacturing operation in Hopkinsville," a release from Gov. Steve Beshear's office said. "The Japanese-owned company is planning a phased investment totaling more than $4.2 million and will initially create 80 new jobs, growing to 105 over the next several years."


Facebook love in Liberty.

Why not the Bison?

Open-mike night in Middlesboro.

Banks in Bardstown and a lot of western Kentucky are short on dough.

It would be like when President Nixon re-emerged in Hyden.

Meanwhile, back in Lexington, ...

This will only add fuel to the burgeoning Mustangs-Tornadoes rivalry.

ARRAh, Paducah.

Congratulations, Bill Bartleman, Jackie Hays (who was at Channel 6 before she went to Louisville), et al.


  1. Those residents who want to make KY a right to work state should ask the workers in NC how that's worked out for them.

  2. Median household income, 2009:

    N. Carolina: $43,674
    Kentucky: $40,072

  3. Love the Jackie Hays link.

  4. I just don't get the love for Mitch Barnhart. It must be an inside-the-New-Circle-Road thing.

  5. He was your primary handmaiden in bringing Coach Calipari to UK.

  6. I don't think that's true. He wanted to keep Tubby, until the fans forced him to replace Tubby. Then he wanted Coach Clyde. But again, the fans forced him to go in a different direction. Finally, he had no choice but to hire Cal or risk losing his own job. So he was not the "primary handmaiden"; he was the main obstacle who kept Calipari and the UK fans away from each other until last year.

  7. Well, Tubby Smith won 32, 27 and 28 games in Mitch Barnhart's first three years on the job, and then he was gone after he slipped to 22 and 22.

    And while he was wrong about Billy Gillispie (and, by the way, we all thought that was a good hire until that midpoint of the second season), Gillispie was gone after two years--to be replaced by your guy.

    I don't have a lot of opinion about him one way or another, but it does seem to me that he acts pretty quickly in alignment with what you want him to do.

  8. At least with regard to the men's basketball team. Maybe you think he should've tossed Rich Brooks and never hired Joker Phillips. I don't.

  9. The income difference has to do with white collar jobs and nothing to do with manufacturing jobs. Just ask the people in Burlington NC.

  10. The problems in Burlington are problems with globalization, not right-to-work status. Ask the folks in Detroit how unions are doing these days.

  11. Ah but the workers in Detroit had some bit of protection from their union agreements. They had pensions to fall back on, they had some help with insurance, they got money for some time to help them, etc. When the workers in Burlington got laid off they had no one there to help them, and they had nothing negotiated into their contracts to help them.