Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh, Kentucky


The Colonel in Cairo.

Good jobs news from Bowling Green: NHK of America Suspension Components (NASCO) is building a new plant that is expected to be completed this year. "As a result of the expansion, the Japanese automotive supplier will add up to 108 new jobs over the next several years to its existing workforce, which is currently just over 200 employees," said a Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development release. "... Established in Bowling Green in 1986, NASCO has become one of the world’s largest manufacturing plants for suspension coil springs for passenger cars and light trucks. It is also a leading supplier of trunk lid torsion bars and stabilizer links for the North American automotive industry. The new facility, which is expected to be completed by October of this year, will manufacture motor armature parts for electric and hybrid vehicles."

New York Magazine and Scientific American weigh in on HPKof10*.

Lost verses of "My Old Kentucky Home."


  1. We have snow here today as well.

  2. Good for you and Moscow!

    Coming down again now this morning here. This has been the snowiest winter I can remember--in both volume and frequency. It's causing all kinds of hardship for folks, but--like George C. Scott's Patton and war--God help me, I love it so. Ever since I was a really, really little kid, snow has made me feel that every little thing is going to be all right.