Thursday, February 17, 2011

Album Review: Mission Bell by Amos Lee

Mission BellThe singer-songwriter is so popular right now.  Especially the guy and his guitar singer-songwriter, think Jack Johnson.  Amos Lee leans more in the country direction than most I've heard and when he really leans country that's when he's at his best.  When he turns more bluesy or gospel it really doesn't work so well.  I think it's mostly because of his voice, just not a good blues or gospel voice, but it is a good voice for country music. 

This biggest problem for me with this album is that it opens very strong and then really struggles.  At 13 tracks it is far too long.  At most this is a ten track album.  Also the songs he does with guest singers really don't work well.  He has a track with Lucinda Williams that struggles along and then the album closes with a Willie Nelson featured track and it can't end fast enough. 

I could see throwing this on while cleaning the house to get ready for a day of college football.

Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 2 out of 5 stars for Not Bad.

Here is my 9 track version of the album
1. El Camino
2. Windows Are Rolled Down
3. Violin
4. Flower
5. Stay With Me
6. Out of the Cold
7. Learned a Lot
8. Cup of Sorrow
9. Behind Me Now


  1. I really like this song a great deal. In fact, I could completely, completely could have seen myself howling this song with the windows rolled down in my old truck when in Nebraska or Wyoming, circa 2000/2001.

    Yeah, this is a good song. Thank you for tipping me off to Amos Lee; I'll be checking him out in more depth.

  2. The girl has changed the chorus, "I roll windows!"

  3. Outstanding. The whole house broke out instruments for the fourth playthrough.

    "I sing it again," says the girl.