Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 5 of the FIBA World Championship

After today, there is only one game left in the Group stages.

In Group A, Argentina is 4-0 and Serbia is 3-1. They play tomorrow. Serbia is still the only team that has scored more points than the USA, and they are the only team with a point differential better than ours.

In Group B, the USA is 4-0 and Slovenia is 3-1. We killed Slovenia, and just barely beat Brazil, but today Slovenia beat Brazil. Go figure.

In Group C, Turkey (the tournament host) is 4-0. Greece and Russia are both 3-1. Greece and Russia play tomorrow. For the record, I will be surprised if the Americans beat Turkey in Turkey.

In Group D, Lithuania is 4-0 and France is 3-1. I still think Spain is very dangerous, even though their record is only 2-2. As far as I can tell from the extremely complicated diagrams on the FIBA web page, we are on pace to play Spain in the quarter-finals, and that could easily be the end of our road.

Serbia 94 - 79 Australia
Germany 88 - 92 Angola
Argentina 88 - 79 Jordan

Croatia 84 - 64 Tunisia
Iran 51 - 88 USA
Brazil 77 - 80 Slovenia

China 80 - 89 Russia
Ivory Coast 60 - 97 Greece
Turkey 79 - 77 Puerto Rico

Canada 61 - 71 New Zealand
Lebanon 57 - 91 Spain
Lithuania 69 - 55 France

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