Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh, Kentucky

Kentucky's flags are at half-staff today.

The Cynthiana Democrat's Kate Rush reports that the public works/utilities director is that city's highest-paid employee, at just less than $58,000 a year.

Miami Dolphin linebacker Micah Johnson tells "The Finsiders" about how the war in Iraq led to his arrival at Fort Campbell High School and, eventually, the University of Kentucky.

Rivalry week!


  1. I wish they Tilghman-Mayfield game wasn't so early in the year. That game should be played in October.

  2. i imagine it was originally played on thanksgiving. i believe that's when most rivalry games were played in kentucky and in other states for some years. i think my father-in-law told me that madisonville annually played hopkinsville on thanksgiving. Rachel said that this was silly--that everyone should be unencumbered to spend time with their families. but i always figured it was a good idea to have some big event for everyone to go to on the holidays so that all of the family events break up while everyone's still only half-looped and before the guns start coming out.

  3. It was originally played on Thanksgiving. The other big point about Thanksgiving is that historically, that was the end of football season -- they didn't have any playoffs in Kentucky until around 1959, and they didn't have playoffs in Virginia until around 1970.