Thursday, August 29, 2013

MLB Update

In the latest top ten from CBS Sports, Boston and St. Louis move to the head of the class:

1.  Boston Red Sox:  79-55
2.  St. Louis Cardinals:  78-55
3.  Atlanta Braves:  80-52
4.  Los Angeles Dodgers:  78-55
5.  Detroit Tigers:  77-56
6.  Texas Rangers:  78-55
7.  Tampa Bay Devil Rays:  75-56
8.  Oakland Athletics:  75-57
9.  Pittsburgh Pirates:  77-55
10.  Cincinnati Reds:  75-59

Natstown (67-65) has been playing better of late, but they are still scuffling along in 15th place.


  1. Well, that's what I would call a missed opportunity.

  2. In the fourth game of a four-game series in Detroit, the A's are leading, 6-3, going into the bottom of the ninth. Oakland has won all three of the other games in the series against the A.L. Central-leading Tigers, and, yet, the A's have failed to make up any ground on Texas in their own division because the Rangers also have won their last three games. Today's the day, however, because Texas is idle; a fourth win would pull the A's back within two games of the lead in the A.L. West. Plus, just moments ago, Tampa Bay, which was a half-game up on the A's in the wild-card race, lost to the Angels.

  3. But, instead, our All-Star closer, Grant Balfour, walks the first batter on four pitches. He later walks another batter on four pitches. Then he allows a single, and then he allows a home run. And the A's are heading back to Oakland to open a three-game series with the Rays--still trailing Tampa by a half game for first in the wild-card race and now trailing Texas by three games in the A.L. West.

  4. Not only that, we squandered Bartolo Colon's strong start in pursuit of becoming the first American League pitcher ever to win 15 games in a season with four different teams.


    And, furthermore: Baseball.

  6. The actual baseball players among the Oakland A's are much better at handling the ups and downs of a baseball season than I am.

    Oakland just finished a three-game sweep of the Rays, so now Oakland is 2.5 games ahead of Tampa and everyone else in the American League wildcard standings and 1 game behind Texas in the A.L. Western Division. The A's and Rangers open a series in Oakland tomorrow! #GreenCollar!